Frequent Urination and The Causes to Urinate Frequently?

The debate about whether men should stand or sit while peeing continues. While it may seem more “manly” to pee standing up, there is some evidence from research that shows that men may be able to empty their bladder more fully while peeing sitting down. For those who need to pee more frequently, you might find a sitting position more advantageous as an empty bladder spells less trips to the bathroom, and perhaps less use of incontinence products for men (these offer confidence and comfort for those dribbles and leaks). Besides, who can deny the fact that sitting and peeing is much more comfortable than standing and peeing? A sitting position also leaves you hands-free to chat in your electronic device or respond to an email. Before we delve into this subject of men and their pee problems, let’s get the basics out of the way.

What is “frequent” urination?

How many times do you have time to pee in a day for it to be labelled “frequent”? Most experts will tell you that if you have to go more than 7 times a day, you are likely to have an overactive bladder. Maybe you don’t need to pee so often during the day, it’s in the night when you find yourself having to go 2 to 3 times? This isn’t normal either as most men can get a good night’s sleep without having to wake up even once during the night.

What causes a man to urinate frequently?

There are several causes for frequent urination. It could be as simple as drinking too many alcoholic beverages, eating too much salt, consuming too much caffeine or just ?? Or, there could be more serious reasons for the frequent trips, some of which include:

  • Diabetes – when sugar levels are high your body will want to throw out the extra sugar you’re your body through urine. When your sugars are high it is common to feel thirsty and want to visit the bathroom more frequently.
  • Urinary tract infections or prostatitis can send signals to the brain when your bladder is low in volume that you need to pee. The main cause for the discomfort, often inflammation, is bacterial infection. Your doctor will prescribe treatment for this.
  • Enlarged prostrate – this is more common in men over 50. A little known fact about the prostate: a man’s prostrate grows throughout his life. Did you know that? This lemon-sized gland almost doubles in size during puberty and continues to grow in size not at the same rate but by age 50 the growth may be big enough to press on the urethra causing the frequent, often urgent, need to go. The other problem with an enlarged prostate is that the stream is very slow. Men who suffer from prostate problems find it hard to get a stream going and when it does come it is often a dribble. The bladder doesn’t completely empty itself and you’ll feel the need to go again soon.
  • Anxiety or uneasiness. Some men have a nervous bladder and feel the need to go more often when they are feeling anxious or uneasy.
  • Being overweight – each pound you are overweight adds to the pressure on the bladder. Losing a few pounds can support bladder health, offer tons of other health benefits, and make you feel really good about yourself.

Why do some men have to pee so much in the night?

There are a few reasons why you may be peeing more in the night. The first one is obvious, you’ve consumed too much fluid too late in the day. Avoid drinking fluids after 6:00 pm. Another reason that leads to more nighttime runs to the bathroom is related to an enlarged prostate. Lastly, the cause of frequent peeing in the night could be an overactive bladder. About 30% of men suffer from an overactive bladder and many men never seek help. An embarrassing symptom of an overactive bladder is urge incontinence. This is when the urge to use the bathroom is so strong that you’re not able to control it resulting in leakage.

All-Day Confidence and Comfort

If you suffer from any one of these problems, you should see a doctor. And while you seek the help you need, there are ways you can avoid those embarrassing moments. Use adult diapers. Nowadays, with modern technology, wearing incontinence products for men is just like wearing an underwear that offers protection against accidental leaks. If you need only light to moderate protection during the day, you can try Wellness Briefs pull-ups. These are made from NASA-inspired technology and are super-absorbent. The multi-layered design tucks urine into a separate layer leaving you feeling dry and comfortable all the time. No more embarrassing moments! If you need heavier night-time protection, try Wellness Superio Signature Brief. The advantage of Wellness products is dry, scheduled changes since each diaper lasts up to 8-hours. And there’s 70% savings over leading adult diaper brands. Order your free sample today.

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