How Do I Choose the Best Overnight Adult Diaper?

Best Overnight Adult Diaper

Best Overnight Adult Diaper

Using an overnight adult diaper can spell the difference between a good night sleep and an uncomfortable messy morning. With numerous products available to handle night incontinence, it is surprising that one would find a problem choosing the right product. There is a clear difference between ordinary diapers and those meant for use at night.

An overnight adult diaper is unique in that the user is nearly unaware or unable to detect when they have soiled it. In some cases, users lose total control of their bladder and require that the diaper they use be all the more absorbent. The inability to make the right choices while buying and using overnight adult diapers could mean that your beddings are soiled often. Prolonged hours in bed may expose the user to skin damage considering that even caregivers need to sleep at some point.

Try to gauge the severity and type of incontinence. If you are dealing with urinary incontinence, an ordinary overnight adult diaper will work. However, if the incontinence extends to fecal as well, the diaper you choose would need to have some special features as well. Another point to consider is whether the user changes position regularly when in bed. A user who turns frequently and vigorously requires diapers that are strong when strapped.

How to Buy the Right Overnight Adult Diaper

If the level of incontinence is not severe, an ordinary diaper will do. However, the dynamics of an entire night require special attention to certain features of the diaper you choose.

  • Level of Absorbency

    An inability to move and lack of constant attention means that you will require an overnight adult diaper that is extra absorbent. This means that the diaper should be able to absorb more fluids and incontinence when used for longer periods, like when used overnight. This will protect your bed sheets and overall beddings from being soiled. However, you do not need to choose to use an extra absorbent diaper in every case. In some cases, when incontinence is mild, using less absorbent overnight diapers for adults will suffice.
  • Strong With Better Strapping

    There is a lot of friction as one lies in bed. This is likely to tear off a lightly strapped diaper. Wearing a lightly strapped diaper would be useless since it could loosen up at any time while you are asleep, and be the cause of beddings being soiled, leaving the user in a very embarrassing and uncomfortable situation. An overnight adult diaper is made with special features. It fits like a boxer to ensure that it holds well all around the pelvic area.
    You may also enhance the effectiveness of this diaper by attaching it to boxers or panties. The under garment will hold and protect it against friction as the user turns during sleep. Some diapers are designed to look like boxer pants. They hold perfectly well on the hips, ensuring that they do not come off at night.
  • Usable vs. Disposable

    Just like ordinary diapers, even overnight adult diapers come in disposable and reusable varieties. The levels of absorbency would differ depending on the brand and material used in the construction of the diaper. Technology has enabled manufacturers to enhance the level of absorbency. However, the level of absorbency of a reusable diaper would diminish with use and how it is handled while cleaning. This means that their reliability will diminish as they age. However, the reusable overnight adult diaper also offers several advantages. It is made of softer and more skin friendly material than the disposable diaper. The cost in the long run is also considerably lower. However, you have to deal with the trouble of washing it every morning. Still, it is the best option to use, especially in mild cases of urinary incontinence because of the ease in maintenance and long term pocket friendly cost.
  • Size

    At night, the users who use overnight adult diaper have the least control over his bladder. This is why you need the most reliable overnight incontinence diaper. Although you might get the right size, it is important to get the perfect size. This is sometimes challenging considering that a significant number of users are immobile. If the user can move, it is advisable to have them accompany you when you buy diapers so that you can take measurements. Get guidance from attendants at the store on how sizes relate across brands. Try a few brands until you settle for the right overnight adult diaper.
  • Men or Women?

    The features of an overnight adult diaper will depend on whether the wearer is a man or woman. This is aimed at compensating for their physiological differences. Diapers for men have specific enhancements, similar to those made for women, to cater to their physiological differences. If you purchase a male overnight adult diaper, it will malfunction when worn by a woman. However, there are unisex diapers that both genders can use. This means that if you have two users in the house, one may use the product meant for the other if you had bought the unisex type of overnight adult diaper.
  • Comfort and Hygiene

    It is already a huge inconvenience to sleep with diapers. You should not make the situation worse by getting an uncomfortable one. The comfort a diaper can provide is determined by several factors. They include
    • The material – you need a material that feels comfortable on the skin. It should not cause sweating, sensitivity reactions or even irritation.
    • Size – measure the size of the user to ensure that you get the perfect size of overnight adult diaper. It should not be too big or too small. A perfect fit also prevents leakage and makes the night more comfortable and hygienic.
    • Absorption or wicking – sores and leakage are uncomfortable. Overnight adult diaper must be absorbent enough to clear fecal materials and avoid leakage. Absorbency is very important considering that the user will be having it on for a prolonged period.

There are other ideas that can help make the situation easier and convenient for the overnight adult diaper user. Consider making it easier for the user to go to the bathroom. Clear the path to the toilet. It prevents the user, who may be incapacitated in one way or the other from tripping and falling. Keep the lights on to make it easier to spot the bathroom. A toilet baseliner makes it more convenient for those with mobility issues. Wherever possible, install or place a bedside urinal or commode, if your user has nighttime urination challenges. The cloths the person sleeps in should be easy to remove or set aside. This also applies to the overnight adult diaper so that it does not get in the way when one rushes to the toilet.

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