Features to Consider Before Buying Adult Diapers for Men with Incontinence

Patients suffering from incontinence experience shame and humiliation when they fall victim to accidental leakages in public. Incontinence has the potential to debilitate a patient’s mental well being, especially those who have to deal with many problems on a daily basis. Most men lead very active and stress filled lives. For them, incontinence can be a cause of embarrassment, a blow to their self-confidence or a hindrance that prevents them from living a normal life. Often a lot is at stake here.

For incontinent men, a solution to leading an ordinary life like any other man would depend on choosing the right adult diapers for men. Doing so can help them manage incontinence problems effectively when they use the right adult diapers for men. However, the process of choosing adult diapers for elderly men with incontinence can be a tedious, cumbersome and confusing task. It gets to be a lot more problematic when the patient is trying to find the right kind of adult diapers that they could use. Although most of the features that a patient would need to consider while buying adult diapers are meant for women are somewhat similar to those that men could follow, adult diapers for men need to have some extra special features due to the difference in physiology of men and women. Here are some useful tips on some of the important features that male patients would need to consider when choosing incontinence diapers for men.

How wearable are the diapers?

Although one can never feel very comfortable wearing adult diapers, patients should keep in mind that some versions are more wearable when compared to others. When gauging how wearable a certain brand or version of male adult diapers is, the patient should evaluate several metrics. These include

  • How well does the diaper fit?
  • Does the diaper feel like your regular cotton briefs, or does it feel like you are wearing a pile of paper towels?
  • Does the diaper irritate or cause crotch adjusting to the extent that it would be obvious in public?
  • Can you have it on for long periods while still feeling comfortable?
  • Do you always notice that you have it on?

These are just some of the questions a patient should ask himself when testing a male adult diaper irrespective of the brand or the version of the diaper.

How absorbent are the diapers?

This is obviously one of the most important factors to consider when choosing any type of diapers, including adult diapers for men. The best incontinence diapers for men should have the capability to soak up as much liquid as an overflowing bladder can eject. You need to consider not only the amount of liquid that the diaper can hold, but also how much of the liquid it can withstand without making you feel uncomfortable. Some adult diapers for men are prone to leaking and can quickly get to the point where the diaper starts to feel like a wet sponge. You should avoid such diapers at all costs.


Another important feature to think about when shopping for adult diapers for men is the longevity of the product. Since you will be relying on the diaper to do the job that your bladder is not doing, that is storing urine, it has to be absorbent. Therefore, it is important that male incontinence diapers be wearable after being soiled. Furthermore, you cannot always rely on carrying spare diapers everywhere you go. For this reason, you need to consider how long a soiled diaper can be worn without causing discomfort. Similarly, you need to consider the point at which the used diaper will require a quick change.


The patient should consider the size of the diaper when selecting an adult diaper for themselves. It is important to consider this simply because the diaper will not serve its intended purpose if it does not fit well. Most underwear are is measured according to the dimensions of the hip or waist and different brands can vary in their sizing charts. You may find that medium size adult diapers from one brand fit you perfectly, but another brand with similar ‘medium’ size dimensions do not fit you correctly (being either too small or too large). A patient should always ensure that they measure their waist and hip, and compare it to the dimensions of the diaper they plan to choose to make sure that the diaper is not too small or too big. If a diaper is either too small or too big, it will ultimately overflow or leak.

Type of material or fabric

Adult diapers for men are of two types, breathable and traditional plastic back. For most incontinent patients, the plastic back version offers more protection and security. Nonetheless, some patients may prefer the breathable version because it allows air to flow through freely. Breathable incontinence diapers for men are also naturally thinner and discrete.

Disposable vs. Reusable

When it comes to choosing adult diapers for men, some people will prefer disposable diapers while others will prefer reusable ones. Reusable male adult diapers are washable and are normally less expensive. On the other hand, disposable diapers are likely to be convenient if they are going to be used in public and the user does not want to move around with a wet diaper. The disadvantage with disposable diapers is that they can be expensive in the long run, especially if they are used frequently.


Normally, different people will prefer different brands of a product and the same case applies when it comes to shopping for adult diapers for men. One individual may prefer a particular brand because he/she trusts the brand manufacturer while another person may prefer a different brand because of price, quality, or some other reasons. Whatever reasons the user may have, they should not select a diaper based exclusively on the brand because different brands offer different attributes and they all fit in a different way.


While it is obvious that cost is a major consideration when making any purchase, it is always advisable to avoid basing your choice of diapers solely on cost. Obviously, it may not be a wise idea to select the cheapest adult diapers for men since the quality will not be that good. Above all, fit and comfort are more essential than the price one would pay for the diapers. To cut down on cost, patients should find the right type of diaper for their condition and needs and sign up for a bulk purchase program.

In summary, finding the perfect style and fit of adult diapers for men can be a tricky affair, and for a start, patients suffering from incontinence should spend a bit of time trying out different products before they settle for using one. Some men might prefer a particular type of diaper for the day, but a different one for the night. Patients should ensure that they consider all these factors when choosing incontinence diapers for men.

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