Disposable Adult Diapers – Effective Way of Controlling Incontinence

Disposable Adult Diapers

Disposable Adult Diapers

Today, there is a higher demand for disposable adult diapers in comparison to baby diapers. The primary cause for their rise in demand is due to the requirement of these products by the elderly. Additionally, there are millions of others who are using them for other reasons. Disposable adult diapers have now become the preferred choice because of their flexibility in usage, convenience in disposing, and protection offered to the skin.

Need for Disposable Adult Diapers

Normally, we associate diapers with babies. After all, what possible reason could an adult have for the use of diapers? But the physical process of ageing is accompanied by different degrees of decline – mobility, energy level and independence; above all, it is accompanied by the problem of incontinency resulting in embarrassment, frustration and fear. But disposable adult diapers, designed to help with the physical effects of incontinence, as well as provide emotional support, comes as a relief for the elderly. So, the most common reason for the use of diapers by adults is inconsistency which is seen with the elderly; and yes, they contribute to the sale of a sizeable number of such products too.

But there are many more reasons why adult diapers may be needed. Disposable adult diapers are very useful for people with total bladder or bowel inconsistency or for those who have very heavy bladder incontinence or bed-wetting. These diapers have either hook-and-loop or adhesive tabs at the sides that make them convenient for putting on and taking off.

Diapers for Adolescents

Some adolescents take a long time to get over their bed wetting habit. Though they have full control over their bladder movements during the day-time, it is during the nights that they lose control over their bladders; thus making the use of disposable adult diapers an absolute necessity.

Diapers for Trauma Patients

For patients who are devoid of any sensation in the lower part of their bodies, adult diapers are God-sent. These are generally used for trauma patients with their spinal cords injured. These diapers are very effective in controlling all kinds of discharges from spilling out.

Diapers for Comatose Patients

Adult diapers are recommended for comatose patients whose senses are not in control during this stage. Once they come out of their coma they regain full control over their bladder movements and cease to show the signs and symptoms of incontinence

Access to a Clean Bathroom

An adult diaper is a convenient way to avoid the use of bathrooms when you are in a long queue or in a public gathering; when either you don’t want to lose your place in the line or when you don’t have access to a bathroom which is clean. In places where unclean public toilets can lead to infections, adult diaper is the best choice.

Long Duty Hours

Many security guards are in the habit of using adult diapers since they have continuous non-stop duty hours, which make it mandatory for them to remain at their place for long duration, especially in sensitive zones. The disposable adult diapers thus, help in the prevention of leakages for a person who cannot take breaks in-between duty hours. Hazards magazine, in 2003, reported that workers in many industries had to resort to wearing adult diapers because they were being denied toilet breaks by their bosses.

Long Drives by Truck Drivers

Strenuous journeys, few truck stops and demanding deliveries can have a toll on the bladder. Truck drivers, therefore, use adult diapers during their long drives.


The Maximum Absorbency Garment (MAG) was created by NASA for its astronauts. This space diaper allows astronauts the liberty of relieving themselves during long spacewalks or during take-offs and re-entries.

Washable vs Disposable Adult Diapers

There are various types of incontinence products that are readily available in the market. Depending on your needs and your personal preference, you can either opt for washable or disposable adult undergarments.

  • Even though washable diapers are soft and feel like regular underwear, they are bulky and less absorbent than the disposable ones.
  • These products are convenient as they can be disposed off quickly. They can be carried around in your bag and disposed off when required. But you have to be careful enough to toss them away correctly.
  • Disposable diapers use advanced technology for absorbing liquid as well as for controlling odor. These, therefore, are perfect choices for those who have frequent incontinence or require high absorption for the passed liquids.
  • Disposable diapers flaunt wicking capabilities that help them pull away fluid from the skin, thereby protecting it from rashes and irritations.

A Good-fit Disposable Adult Diaper is Important

A good-fit for disposable adult diapers is a must for incontinence patients. Investing in a premium and expensive disposable diaper would be meaningless if it is not a perfect fit for your anatomy. This would be true if the front absorbent mat of the disposable diaper comes up to the navel with the back top over the hips. The overlap of the side wings and the front should also be appropriate, and you should be able to take hold of the tapes to attach them without twisting the same.

It is better to size-up while buying disposable adult diapers for better taping and a better fit. This means that if your waist line is nearer to the upper limit as recommended by the diaper, then it would server your purpose better if you order the next available larger size.

Buying Guide for Disposable Adult Diaper

When shopping for an incontinence protection, you may be overwhelmed with the range of products that you will find in the market. So, what are the factors which you need to keep in mind while choosing a disposable adult diaper?

  • Size
    Buying a diaper which is not a perfect fit for you will hardly serve its purpose of effective management of leaks. It is very important that you measure your waist, thighs and hips and match the same with the manufacturer’s sizing guide. Your size may also vary according to the brands; while you may be medium in size for one brand, you might be a size large for another one.
  • Absorbency
    The amount of absorbency that you would want in your disposable adult diaper will depend on your needs and on the severity of your inconsistency. These products range from light bladder leakages to larger volumes of leakages, especially during the nights.
  • Gender-specific
    Gender-specific diapers cater to the different needs of men and women. They are designed to fit, provide comfort, and protect the two genders where they are needed the most.
  • Cost
    Of course, these products can be expensive, but it should not be the sole factor on which you base your choice of a product. In addition, opting for cheaper products will not give you the level of efficiency that you require with incontinence products and will result in you needing to change more often than you would with good quality expensive products.

Disposable adult diapers not only take care of the physical manifestations of incontinence for whatever reason, but they also take into account an individual’s emotional needs. Choosing a diaper that suits your size and body form can save you from embarrassment and anxiety. These products are readily available in medicine shops, but if your shyness is a hindrance, then you can purchase them from the internet which will help to protect your privacy. So, even though one may have to resort to disposable adult diapers for any reason, these products have proved to be a wonderful way of instilling confidence in all those using them.

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