It Is Possible Lead Your Life The Way You Want With NASA Technology Wellness Briefs Adult Diapers

Inspired by NASA technology for astronaut use on The U.S. Space Station, the technology used in Wellness Briefs has withstood the rigors of space. These special briefs are built to allow greater freedom for people who suffer from incontinence.

Incontinence can occur for many reasons as people age, a weakened bladder, and bladder wall is one of the common problems. This can occur from childbirth, age and injury. Incontinence is a problem that strikes both men and women and can be a sign in men of prostate problems.

Once a diagnosis is made there are medicines that can help. However it can be an embarrassing problem if a person is out at a social event and incontinence becomes an issue. For millions of people across the country incontinence is a daily life challenge. Wellness briefs were designed to free up a person’s lifestyle making those troublesome moments of incontinence into more of a bothersome moment instead of an embarrassing one.

These specially designed briefs are thinner and more flexible. Their design locks in wetness away from skin for less skin irritation and more absorbency. Their special design allows for more fluid retention making changes less frequent and therefore is more environmentally friendly.

The design and materials have had wonderful success on the U.S. Space Station where they are known as Maximum Absorbency Garments. The technology is known as InconTek and features triple layers of absorption, making it perfect for overnight usage, bowel movements or wear for extended time periods. The side tabs are refastenable and the leg design is comfortable yet snug for added leak protection. Additionally these excellent garments also have the added feature of a wetness indicator to ensure less wasting of briefs.

Wellness Briefs are the wave of the future in incontinent wear. For just those moments when you need to be sure, Wellness Briefs will stand the tests on land –just as they have in space.


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