What will adult diapers do to males?

The question, “What will adult diapers do to males?” has been posed numerous times over. Since there have been people talking about the older style baby diapers that have the plastic backing effecting baby boys by damaging their sperm count, adult males wonder if the same could happen to them, since they need adult diapers to manage their incontinence.

While diapers affecting male babies has been talked about, thus the reason the baby diapers now have a breathable outer covering, there is not much that is said about adult diapers affecting adult incontinent males to the point of not having a normal sex life. Many incontinence sufferers will tell you that they have a normal sex life, and they also have families, meaning that they have no trouble with their sperm count. If you talk to any incontinent male who is open and willing to share about his condition, he will more than likely tell you that his sex life is fine, and that he has no trouble with his libido.

If you are a male who is suffering from incontinence, and you just want to be extra cautious, you can purchase adult diapers that have a breathable outer covering in the same way the baby diapers do. All of our diapers at Wellness Briefs are extremely comfortable on males and give the proper “breathing room” required. We take pride in the fact that our briefs are super safe.


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