Market Innovator Announces One Millionth Adult Brief Shipped (Wellness Briefs of Course!)

Unique Wellness’ WellnessBrief Delivers Comfort and Confidence to the 25 Million Americans Suffering From Incontinence

NEW YORK, NY–(Marketwire – September 22, 2009) – Unique Wellness, an adult brief manufacturer offering comfort and confidence to millions of people by focusing on providing the best care for adults experiencing incontinence, today announced that it has shipped its one millionth WellnessBrief, the driest adult brief on the market today. WellnessBriefs have been providing comfort and confidence to thousands of Americans since they were introduced to the market in December 2008.

“Millions of Americans are afflicted with urinary incontinence, but have had to suffer needlessly because the adult briefs on the market for the past 50 years simply do not have an absorption rate high enough to be effective,” said Steve Goelman, CEO of Unique Wellness. “Our WellnessBrief can hold up to four times more liquid than competitors. Adults with incontinence can now have the security and confidence that goes with knowing their brief will keep them dry and comfortable for a much longer period of time, offering a true and dramatic improvement in their quality of life, impossible with our competitors’ products.”

Though most adult brief manufacturers tout that they can absorb certain amounts of liquid, the speed and ability to move moisture away from the user needs to be a factor. Instead of cotton, WellnessBriefs use Incontek® technology to absorb wetness and lock liquid away from the wearer’s skin, negating the odor commonly associated with the wearing of adult briefs, as well as a whole host of problems associated with adult briefs and incontinence (skin irritation, urinary tract infections, etc).

While the average adult brief can only hold up to 24oz of liquid, Unique Wellness’ WellnessBrief can hold up to 87oz of liquid. (The WellnessBrief is so absorbent; it only needs to be changed, on average, two to three times a day, compared with the average brief requiring 7-10 changes a day.)

Since its inception in 2008, Unique Wellness’ mission has been to manufacture the driest, most absorbent and most comfortable adult brief on the market. Constantly innovating and perfecting its original model, Unique Wellness’ line of products use a design similar to NASA technology ensuring security, comfort and confidence for anyone having a need to wear an adult brief.

In the next few months, Unique Wellness will be unveiling a revolutionary new corporate initiative to help educate millions of Americans and their healthcare professionals on the options available to relieve themselves of the discomfort and embarrassment of urinary incontinence.

About Unique Wellness

Unique Wellness, an adult brief manufacturer, offers comfort and confidence to millions of people by focusing solely on providing the best care for adults experiencing incontinence. The company produces the world’s best adult briefs, revolutionizing the market by allowing users and caregivers the freedom of fewer daily changes and a more efficient and cost-effective solution. Please visit Unique Wellness at for more information.

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